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Outlook Email Spider is a remarkable email extractor software developed to help in extracting email IDs in bulk from MS Outlook and Outlook express files and saving them in .CSV (excel) or .TXT(notepad) files. The tool can seamlessly extract email IDs from different mail folders like inbox, sent items, deleted items, outbox, drafts etc. It also extracts IDs from contacts folder. Tool lets the user to process multiple .PST or .DBX files simultaneously. Purpose of the tool is to extract IDs from outlook files in time saving manner and tool has been equipped with whole lot of advanced features to make email ID extraction process fast and accurate.  Tool provides filter options to enable the user to set criteria for extraction and extract IDs relevant to it. This feature helps in excluding irrelevant IDs. The tool also provides duplicate excluder feature that allows the user to remove duplicate email IDs automatically. Usage of this tool is very simple for an advanced tool like this one. User needs a few clicks of the mouse to carryout most operations. Email extractor tools are very relevant in present scenario.

As emails have taken centre stage in business communication process need is always felt for software tools that can help manage emails. Email extractor tools also fall in the category of email managing tools. Wide use of MS Outlook and Outlook express necessitates use of outlook email extractor tools. Outlook Email Spider is one such useful tool. This tool can be very useful for companies relying on online marketing to market products and services. Online marketing campaigns are highly dependent on bulk emailing and to send emails in bulk, large numbers of IDs are needed. This Outlook email finder tool can provide large number of IDs by extracting email IDs from folders of .PST or .DBX files.

  • The Outlook Email Spider extracts email IDs from in bulk from MS Outlook and Outlook express files.
  • Is capable of extracting IDs from different mail folders like inbox, outbox, drafts, deleted items, sent items etc.
  • It also extracts IDs from contacts folder also.
  • Can extract IDs from multiple .PST and .DBX files at one go.
  • Provides saving options. Users can save IDs in .CSV or .TXT format.
  • Seamlessly extracts IDs from different personal folders and subfolders.
  • Provides filter options that let the user to set criteria for extraction.
  • Allows the user to exclude duplicate IDs.
  • Tool boasts of high processing speed.
  • Tool is compatible with different windows platforms.

Current Version: v

  • New Flexible GUI for big and small screen resolution.
  • Optimized and tested on Windows 10.
  • Some stability issues fixed.

System Requirement

  • Win XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/10
  • .NET Framework 4.5
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