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Excel Find and Replace is a remarkable Find and Replace tool for MS excel files that helps the user to carryout Find and Replace and formatting tasks in multiple excel files in a time saving manner. Tool allows the user to add large number of files at one go. User can add files by clicking ‘add files’ or ‘add folders’ button. After clicking on ‘add files’ button user has to select files to be added but by clicking on ‘add folder’ button user can automatically add all files contained in the folder. User also has the option to remove any or all added excel files. After adding files user needs to add words that need to replaced (Find what) and words with which these words need to be replaced (Replace with). User can add words one by one or load word list from TXT or CSV files. By loading words from TXT or CSV files user can save considerable time. After adding words user can highlight or format words and phrases in ‘find what’ or ‘replace with’ list or even edit text. User can seamlessly carry out different formatting tasks like bold, italic, underline etc. in this step. User has the option to even remove all the selected words from the list or clear all formatting. User has the option to save processed files in separate folder or in the source folder itself. Tool provides backup facility so that original files don’t get overwritten. Tool also generates log file giving details of data processed.


In the present scenario, Excel search and replace tools like this one have become a necessity for offices, as most offices rely heavily on MS excel to process and store data. Processing large scale data on MS excel without the use of excel addins becomes very cumbersome. This has given rise to efficient Find and Replace tools for excel. Recognising this ned we have come up with this tool. This tool assists the user not only to find and replace in excel but also carryout formatting tasks in multiple files at one go.

  • This utility allows users to find and replace multiple words in excel files like XLT, XLSM, XLS, XLSX etc.
  • This find and replace software can process multiple files in single batch process.
  • This tool allows the user to find and replace multiple words and phrases in multiple excel files at one go.
  • This search and replace software boasts of high processing speed and can process thousands of files and words at a time.
  • This software allows the users to search and replace in excel different files like XLS, XLSM and XLSX.
  • The users can add words one by one or load word list from TXT or CSV files.
  • Users can carry out different formatting tasks.
  • Tool provides backup facility, so that original files don’t get overwritten.
  • The software is capable of finding and replacing words and phrases in files of different languages like English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and many other Indian languages.
  • The users can easily bold, italic, underline and even strike out words in any Microsoft excel sheet.
  • The tool is fast and reliable and is compatible with different platforms of windows.

Current Version: v

  • Optimized for Windows 10
  • Better support for Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed

System Requirement

  • Win XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/10
  • .NET Framework 2.0
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