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This is an outstanding format converter software tool for MS word files. It converts format of MS word files in different formats like DOT, DOCX, DOCM and DOC to RTF format preserving original content of files. Users at times encounter situations that warrant conversion of format of MS word files to RTF. In case user needs to post word documents on web or send word documents through email as attachments, it is advisable to convert format of the documents to RTF. This is because RTF enjoys universal compatibility. Newer versions like DOC or DOCX don’t enjoy compatibility comparable to RTF. For example- Docx is file type of MS word 2007 which is a very advanced version of MS word but users cannot open Docx file if MS word 2007 is not installed on a system. Users usually don’t face such problems if using RTF as RTF is compatible with most word processers and computer operating systems. Users who need to process files on text editor tools also need to convert format to RTF as most text editors don’t support formats other than RTF. Conversion process has absolutely no effect on contents of the files and tool leaves content of file as it is. Tool provides different saving options that facilitate seamless saving of processed files. It also boasts of backup facility to avoid loss of original documents. This DOCX to RTF converter not only converts DOCX to RTF but also DOC to RTF, DOT to RTF and DOCM to RTF and can be easily used as DOT to RTF converter, DOC to RTF converter and DOCM to RTF converter. Tool can process DOC, DOT, DOCM and DOCX files in a single batch process.

  • Lets the user to convert format of large number of MS word files from DOCX to RTF, DOCM to RTF, DOT to RTF or Doc to RTF format.
  • Can convert multiple word files in a single operation.
  • Tool allows the user to process DOCX, DOCM, DOT and DOC in a single batch process.
  • As RTF enjoys universal compatibility this software tool can be very useful for transfer MS word files.
  • Is also beneficial for users processing files on text editor tools.
  • Provides different saving options for effortless saving of processed documents.
  • Conversion process doesn’t harm the contents of files and leaves content of files unaffected.
  • Tool is very easy to download.
  • It is  compatible with different versions of Windows operating systems like windows XP/Vista/2007/2008 etc.

Current Version: v

  • Optimized for Windows 10
  • Better support for Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed

System Requirement

  • Win XP/Vista/Win7/Win10
  • .NET Framework 2.0
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